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Twin Dolphin Mosaics
Hydrogen Flame  


4.6 sq m exterior mosaic in kiln area (50 sq ft). Two moon shells are superimposed over a pattern created by the ignition of a hydrogen flame.

Lower Entry Mosaic  


2.2 sq m entryway to Art Barn (24 sq ft). Starfish, sand and water ripple patterns.

Upper Entryway Mosaic  


3.25 sq m entryway to Art Barn (35 sq ft). The composition uses superimposed wave ripple and sand ripple patterns.

Patio Mosaics  


Two mosaics totalling 3.7 sq m (40 sq ft). Imagery includes Salish tribe raven heads, a shell cross-section and a local sand dollar.

Nanotube Fullerenes  

N A N O T U B E fffffffffffffffffff FU L L E R E N E S

2009 Spectrum Award of Merit

21 sq m entryway to research facility (225 sq ft). The composition overlays three images from contemporary research within the field of nanotechnology.

Resonance and Dispersion   R E S O N A N C Ef A N D ffffffffff D I S P E R S I O N

2006 Spectrum Award First Prize Commercial

56 sq m entryway to university library (615 sq ft). Composition overlays patterns from physics and meteorology, bounded by a traditional mosaic motif.

Curved Surface   C U R V E D   S U R F A C E

88 sq m entryway to university library (950 sq ft). Various large curves based on 16th century Venetian ironwork and 20th century fluid dynamics patterns, in a field of whole and broken Italian tile.

Pathway I   P A T H W A Y   I
North section

75 sq m walkway in museum sculpture garden (800 sq ft). Huge swirling pattern based on natural packing pattern (as seen in sunflowers and pine cones). Two sets of opposing spirals, with ancient interlocking motif in center.

Pathway II   P A T H W A Y   I I
South section

75 sq m walkway in museum sculpture garden (800 sq ft). Four geometric shapes create interfering wave patterns. These ripple outward and combine with other patterns derived from fluid dynamics.

Wings, Petals and Leaves   W I N G S, fP E T A L S fA N D ff L E A V E S

Four walkway inserts in university plaza, referencing specific plants of the area and butterflies.

Circulating   C I R C U L A T I N G

3 m diameter paving in student plaza (10 ft diameter). Designs from Mimbres pottery combine with a mathematical fractal ‘crack’.

Blue Comma Green   B L U E   C O M M A   G R E E N

17 sq m exterior paving at private residence (180 sq ft).

Palo Duro Mosaic   P A L O   D U R O   M O S A I C

4.2 m diameter paving at a Senior Center (14 ft diameter). Combines Laguna Pueblo and Mescalero Apache pottery designs with a Navajo wedding basket motif.

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